While success is never guaranteed, there are some factors that are common to most small businesses that achieve success. Of course, there are those that are successful that these do not apply to, and the opposite is true as well, in some cases. As a general rule, however, successful small businesses have these things in common.

Great Business Plan

The business plan is the cornerstone of most any business. It is your guide and your mission. It is what gets you started, and what guides the way when you are not sure what to do next. Getting the business plan right is imperative. There is a lot of support available for business plan writing, including free templates and other resources from the Small Business Administration. Don’t skip or rush through this part. Get it right, and you will be set up for success.

Market Knowledge

Part of the planning process is knowing your niche and working that knowledge to your advantage. Know your target market, know what makes them tick, know what they want, and know how to satisfy them. This may mean some research and trial and error when it comes to your product or service, but if you know your niche well and act on that knowledge, you can be almost certain success will follow.


This is a big one. It takes action to ever get started in the first place. Writing the plan is an action, but then you have to actually act on the plan. Execute it well, and do not stop. Once you are in business, continue to take action daily to grow and improve.


The ability to bend is necessary to avoid breaking. Can you deal with adjusting hours to better meet the needs of customers or clients? Can you tweak a recipe to help serve more people? Flexibility is key to success is almost anything, and running a small business is no different.

Appropriate Funding

There are many ways to fund a new small business. Financing is one of the most popular, but you can get yourself into hot water if you do not handle financing properly. If the loan is not a good fit for you, or if you do not get enough funds to get the job done, you can end up doomed before you ever get started. Take the time to research, ask questions, and evaluate your situation fully to ensure your funding or financing does not hinder success.

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