This article explores some of the most important payment solutions available – for retail stores, online merchants and everywhere in between.

1. Easy Payment Options for Retail Stores

There was a time when you could get away with a simple cash register that accepted dollars and cents. Then came the plastic revolution – a leap that required credit card terminals at every counter.

Although many shoppers still use traditional plastic, consumers increasingly prefer buying with their smartphones. Apple Pay is probably the most popular mobile payment solution, but there are countless other alternatives on the market.

As such, investing in a near field communication (NFC) terminal that can accept contactless payments may be of benefit to you. Doing so provides customers with a convenient way to buy your products and services.

The only thing more important than convenience is security. You should also explore terminals that can read EMV-enabled credit cards. These more secure terminals are highly effective at keeping financial data safe from prying eyes. Many of the more modern EMV readers also come equipped with NFC capabilities.

If you ever conduct business off site, you may also want to invest in mobile payment solutions that allow you to process credit cards using your smartphone or tablet. Otherwise, you’ll have to record orders by hand and follow up with each customer later. Writing down credit card numbers doesn’t comply with PCI standards.

2. Easy Payment Options for Online Stores

If you sell products and services online, you need a payment gateway at the very least – the more secure, the better. Also, be sure to display all relevant security badges and invest in a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate that allows you to use the “https” prefix.

These visual cues may seem unimportant, but you’d be surprised how many prospective buyers look for these “trust” markers.

At BluePay, we make setting up secure payment gateways easy, but if you’re looking for an even simpler solution, consider the many benefits of hosted payment pages. You can begin accepting credit cards after pasting a few snippets of code on your website.

Other conversion tips include expanding your payment options to include solutions like PayPal. Also consider utilizing one-click shopping. Users create an account and register their credit cards, just once, and they never have to fill out those details again in the future.

The Most Effective Payment Tip of All

There are countless other ways to boost sales – whether you sell exclusively online or in the physical world. For example, having extensive FAQs allows you to answer customers’ questions, even after business hours. You can also set up call centers to help field queries.

Yet arguably the most important tip of all is to enable recurring billing. Instead of invoicing customers on a periodic basis, you can make all future payments 100 percent automated. In order to stop subsequent purchases, users must deliberately opt out of recurring billing.

If you haven’t already enabled recurring billing within your business, we can help you get started. Schedule a free appointment with our payment support team today.