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If you sell goods and services online, having a payment gateway allows you to accept credit cards within your eCommerce store. In fact, this is one of the most common methods for processing transactions in the online world.

However, this approach has certain drawbacks.

For starters, you must have enough technical expertise to set up each payment page, and the skills required vary from platform to platform. What works on WordPress, for example, won’t necessarily work on Drupal.

In addition, the security of each payment form varies from merchant to merchant.  Because a payment gateway captures financial data on your site, you become 100 percent responsible for how customer information is stored. Yet, as criminals continue to improve their hacking methods, you must constantly update your own payment environment accordingly. Again, this requires a certain level of in-house technical expertise.

Though what if you don’t have the time or skills to ensure a secure payment environment for your customers? Does this mean you should get out of the eCommerce game?

Not necessarily.

Although payment gateways are incredibly popular, hosted payment forms offer the same functionality — with fewer headaches and with many more advantages.

How Do Hosted Payment Forms Work?

When a customer is ready to buy something in your online store, he lands on a payment page that looks and feels like the rest of your site.

However, that payment page is actually hosted on a secure server. All the credit card data is captured on the processor’s end. Once the transaction goes through, that sale instantly gets credited to your account.

Because no sensitive information is stored on your side, you reduce your PCI (Payment Card Industry) scope and liability risk. The entire transaction happens outside of your eCommerce environment. What’s more, because the hosted page mimics your branding, logo and layout, your customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Getting Set Up With Hosted Payment Forms

Hosted payment forms can make online selling safer — but only if you select the right processor to handle each transaction.

At BluePay, all of our hosted payment solutions adhere to the strictest PCI guidelines. Plus, we continuously update our security protocols to ensure your customers benefit from the highest possible fraud protection.

Another important consideration is setup ease.

Some hosted payment providers require that their clients have extensive coding knowledge to get started. We provide a number of ready-to-use forms that require zero programming skills. Each one of these pages has been rigorously tested for conversion rates and security, but if you desire advanced customization, we also make it easy to create your own hosted payment form using basic HTML.

In addition, we provide sandbox accounts and testing support so you can see how your hosted payment pages perform. Make as many changes as you want before your eCommerce store goes live.

If you have trouble configuring, customizing or installing your hosted payment page, we’re here to help. Just schedule a free appointment with our payment integration team today.